All Online Programs at the
University of Houston System

A button after a name leads to more information about the program at that university’s website.

Heading: Certificate Programs

  • 8-12 Technology Application Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • AutoCAD Certification Button: UH-Downtown
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship Certificate Button: UH-Houston
  • Distance Educator Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • EC-12 Technology Application Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Fitness and Human Performance Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Master Technology Teacher Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Performance Technology Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Professional Coaching
         (non-degree certificate) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Professional Land Management Button: UH-Downtown
  • Reading Specialist
         (post-Master’s in Education) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Retail Management Button: UH-Downtown
  • Retailing & Consumer Science Button: UH-Houston
  • Right of Way Button: UH-Downtown
  • Skills for the 21st CenturyButton: UH-Downtown
  • Software Engineering Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Superintendent (post-Master’s in Education) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Systems Engineering Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Victoria Online Initial Certification for
         Educators (post-Baccalaureate) Button: UH-Victoria

Heading: Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs

  • Applied Administration (B.A.A.S.) Button: UH-Downtown
  • Business Administration (B.B.A.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Business Management (B.B.A.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Business Marketing (B.B.A.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Communication (B.A.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Communication (B.S.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Communications (B.A.)
  •      Corporate Concentration Button: UH-Downtown.
  •      Health Concentration  Button: UH-Downtown.
  •      Interpersonal Concentration  Button: UH-Downtown.
  •      Rhetorical/Public Concentration  Button: UH-Downtown.
  • Criminal Justice (B.A.A.S.) Button: UH-Downtown.
  • Criminal Justice (B.S.) Button: UH-Downtown.Button: UH-Victoria
  • Criminology (B.S.) Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Enterprise Information Systems (B.B.A.) Button: UH-Downtown
  • Finance (B.B.A.) Button: UH-Downtown.Button: UH-Victoria
  • Finance (B.S.) Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • General Business (B.B.A.) Button: UH-Downtown
  • General Business (B.S.) Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Healthcare Administration (B.B.A.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Humanities (B.A.) Button: UH-Downtown
  • Humanities Creative Writing (B.A.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Humanities English (B.A.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Humanities History (B.A.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Insurance & Risk Management (B.B.A.) Button: UH-Downtown
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (B.S.) Button: UH-Downtown
  • International Business (B.B.A.) Button: UH-Downtown
  • Management (B.B.A.) Button: UH-Downtown
  • Marketing (B.B.A.) Button: UH-Downtown
  • Organizational Leadership &
         Supervision (B.S.) Button: UH-Houston
  • Professional Writing (B.S.) Button: UH-Downtown
  • Psychology (B.A.) Button: University of Houston.Button: UH-Victoria
  • Psychology (B.S.) Button: UH-Clear LakeButton: UH-Downtown.Button: University of Houston.Button: UH-Victoria
  • Public Service Leadership (B.S.) Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Retailing and Consumer Science (B.S.) Button: UH-Houston
  • Supply Chain Management (B.B.A.) Button: UH-Downtown

Heading: Master's Degree Programs

  • Administration & Supervision in
         Higher Education (M.Ed.) Button: University of Houston.
  • Adult and Higher Education (M.Ed.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Business Administration (M.B.A) Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Computer Science-
         Information Systems (M.S.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Construction Management (M.S.) Button: UH-Houston
  • Criminal Justice (M.S.) Button: UH-Downtown
  • Curriculum and Instruction
         with an Emphasis in
         Mathematics Education (M.Ed.) Button: University of Houston.
  • Economic Development &
         Entrepreneurship (M.S.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Elementary Education (M.Ed.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Engineering Management (M.S.) Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Environmental Science (M.S.) Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Finance (M.S.) Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Future Studies in Commerce (M.S.) Button: UH-Houston
  • Gifted and Talented Education (M.Ed.) Button: UH-Houston
  • Global (M.B.A.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Human Resource Mgmt (M.A.) Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Instructional Technology (M.S.) Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (M.A.I.S.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Literacy Studies (M.Ed.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Mathematics (M.A.) Button: UH-Houston
  • Non-Profit Management (M.A.) Button: UH-Downtown
  • Physical Education (M.Ed.) Button: UH-Houston
  • Publishing (M.S.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Software Engineering (M.S.) Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Special Education (M.Ed.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Special Education
         Autism Spectrum Disorders (M.Ed.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • Strategic M.B.A. (M.B.A.) Button: UH-Victoria
  • System Engineering (M.S.) Button: UH-Clear Lake
  • Teaching (M.A.) Button: UH-Downtown